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Friday August 12th with double headed Class 20 diesels

Quick Details

Pullman Table for 2 Guaranteed table for 2
Pullman Seat You will be seated on tables of up to 4 people
Private Compartment For up to 6 people
Club Class Seat Price per person
Tourist Class Seat Price per person
Family Tourist Seat 2 adults and 2 children under 16

Visit a Traditional Lincolnshire Seaside Destination

We revive the traditional summer seaside family outing, embarking with double-headed ‘Chopper’ Class 20s. We then head through Leicester, Nottingham, Sleaford and onwards to the east coast. We plan to offer up to five hours at this former fishing town, now a traditional Lincolnshire seaside destination. Skeggy, also known as the Blackpool of the east coast, is famous for its fish and chips, clock tower and the ‘Jolly Fisherman’ mascot from which our train takes its name. The statue of the Jolly Fisherman is in the Compass Gardens and is well worth a visit.