Pioneer Inter City Train

Launch of the Pioneer Inter City Train

On the Saturday of the open weekend, Vintage Trains and Tyseley Locomotive Works will formally announce a project to build a reproduction of the Pioneer Inter City Train, including the fastest standard gauge express steam locomotive of its time. Nicknamed Bloomer, it was originally built in 1850 as a revolutionary design to haul the new London and Birmingham Railway’s express trains to London in only two hours. By coincidence, Rocket’s designer Robert Stephenson was also appointed Chief Engineer of the L&BR.

Vintage Trains, with Tyseley Locomotive Works, has all the elements of an historic locomotive depot and railway community with geographical importance, direct routes, workshop facilities and maintenance, repair and restoration skills to operate express steam trains. It is also in a unique position to collaborate with HS2 and Birmingham’s Curzon Street development, demonstrating the complete evolution of the steam engine and Britain’s national railway network.

Birmingham was known worldwide as the “Workshop of the World” and the Pioneer Inter City Train will help to tell the story of Birmingham’s importance in the development of steam engines and the role Britain played in transforming the world through railway engineering.

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