Adrian Shooter on Staffing the new TOC

Dear Passengers and Friends

Further to my recent email to you, I thought it might be useful to tell you more about some of the people who will be working for the new Vintage Trains Operating Company once we have raised our minimum sum of £800,000.

We will need drivers for our own steam and diesel hauled charter trains. In addition, we plan to offer a service to other Train Operating Companies for stock moves and mileage accumulation on new trains.

All train drivers will have to have the new EU Train Driver Licence (even after Brexit). This enables its holder to demonstrate their competence to any employer in the industry in much the same way as a car or pilots licence

Train Driver competence can be split into three elements:

1 - Knowledge of the Rulebook and how to safely drive a train in a whole variety of planned or unforeseen circumstances.
2 - Intimate knowledge of a specific route. This includes the location and value of all speed limits and many other features that are peculiar to that route.
3 - Understanding of specific types of traction unit, locomotive, DMU, EMU etc. Not only how to drive them but how to get them ready for traffic and safely deal with problems that arise.

We are in contact with quite a number of train drivers who have expressed an interest in working for us either full or part time. All have a Licence which certifies that they are competent on at least some of our routes. Some have experience of steam locos although most would need additional, tailored, training. 

Ian Lake, who starts as designate Operations Director on Feb 27th will be working with these people to produce a plan which we can implement as soon as we reach the minimum required funds.

Firemen and guards have a simpler version of the competence arrangements and we plan to continue using those who have been with us in the past as well as bring on new people as we grow.

Another really important group is the support crew who help service the steam engines and handle coaling and watering en-route so as to give the driver and fireman a well earned rest. We hope that we we will be able to continue with our existing team, supplemented by new people from time to time.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, are the stewards and train managers who hope to retain and further professionalise with training and uniforms.

If you know someone who would like to find about any of the above roles, please do get in touch.

Finally, however, none of this will be possible unless we reach the minimum of £800K. We are currently not far off halfway so we know we can get there with your help. 

Have you bought any shares yet?

Best Wishes
Adrian Shooter
Chairman VT Operating Company.