Shareholder Benefits

Buy a share of British History;
Keep express steam trains running on the main line!

Welcome aboard Vintage Trains, the first new British public main line railway company share issue offered in 100 years.
Secure the future of steam on the main line.

YOU can own a share of a British railway company, preserving experiences, skills and keeping historic steam locomotives running on the main line. This unique opportunity, a first since the Victorian era, will preserve experiences, skills and keep historic locomotives running on main line routes, at speed. You can also benefit from a range of incentives when you buy a share, including a driver experience, footplate ride, and many more exciting opportunities.

Exclusive and unique opportunity for the first 2000 shareholders:

We are offering a range of shareholder benefits from free entry to our open days for life, through to exclusive private party on board one of our trains (depending on the level of investment of course!). AND the first 2000 people to invest will join our Founders' Club, and will receive a ticket to travel behind the much anticipated double headed Castles, so be quick!. This is an exclusive opportunity to travel behind both these Castles; tickets will not be available for public sale, nor will we offer this combination as a public railtour in 2018, 2019 or 2020!

Additional shareholder benefits:

In owning shares, which start from 500, you will have pride from knowing that you own part of an express steam train operating company and you’ll have voting rights, travel benefits on Vintage Trains and after six years, you will have the opportunity to receive interest payments on your shares.

We are planning a bright future:

As well as keeping trains running for all to enjoy, we will use the investment to:
- Run an increased programme of train trips
- Develop training schemes and apprenticeships to ensure the necessary skills are passed down and kept for the future
- Boost local employment with 11 new jobs
- Keep steam locomotives and carriages alive, and in immaculate working condition

Join us, and own your own piece of British railway history

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